Confirm Your Manifestations Daily Using This Method…

Daily affirmations are nothing short of your own detailed script of how you want your life to be. You can tailor them to fit any area of your life with little effort. You can also say them at any time. The more you say them, the more your subconscious mind will believe what you are saying is true.

Our brain is compiled of two parts, the conscious and subconscious.

Our conscious mind is our critical side. It is the part of the brain that gets things done. It’s where ideas and dreams are born. It sees things as they are and in this state, the ego can rule if we allow it. It cannot focus for a long period of time, therefore it is limited.

the subconscious brain componentOur subconscious mind is rather amazing. It is like a computer in that everything it experiences is stored away somewhere in a vast network of neurons and it remembers it forever. It actually cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

For example: If you told both sides of your brain you made $10,000.00 per hour, when you actually made $10.00, your conscious side would of course say “That’s not true”, however, your subconscious side would say “That is true.”

The subconscious mind has no concept of past or future but views everything as happening now, therefore it sees everything in the present moment. Having this understanding of the power of the mind, you can begin to see that if you can get your subconscious to believe something, (using affirmations), you are on your way to achieving it.

The problem we run into is that pesky conscious side that says, “that’s not real.” The trick is to somehow bypass that critical conscious side and tap into the subconscious. Once that area of your mind thinks something is real, it will go to work creating the circumstances it needs to bring it to pass.

Affirmations, when said enough times and with enough conviction, start to break through that pessimistic barrier of the conscious mind to reprogram your thoughts and your reality. When you begin to use them it may feel a little uncomfortable at first, almost like you are lying to yourself.

This is not so. What you are doing is reprogramming old belief patterns, so of course it can feel uncomfortable. You are challenging what you have always believed to be true, to what you want to be true.

Talk about empowerment! Each thought we have is far reaching, like a ripple. The effects keep expanding. Daily affirmations help this ripple to expand in the way we want. The more positive thoughts we have, and the more we voice them, the more positive effects we will experience.

Below you’ll find a list of examples you can use for daily affirmations. Try creating your own list of statements that will benefit the parts of your life you would like.

To truly benefit, however, it is important to make sure you word them correctly. When stating an affirmation, always do so in the present tense, meaning say it as if it were already so.

For example:

Don’t say “I will have amazing abundance and prosperity”

Do say “I now have amazing abundance and prosperity”

Also, always state what you DO WANT, rather than what you DON’T WANT. Your mind responds better when using positive words rather than negative.

For example:

Don’t say “I don’t want to be tired and fat anymore”

Do say “I am now healthy, thin and full of energy”

There are some powerful ways to increase your success when using this method, such as:

Say Daily Affirmations To Yourself In Front Of The Mirror

This is so powerful because it makes you confront yourself and challenge the beliefs you have held for so long.

Sing Your Daily Affirmations

This is a popular exercise in many workshops and classes. Singing apparently helps to bypass the conscious brain to reach the subconscious brain more easily, making you more successful in your attempts at changing your life.

Subliminal Affirmations

This is another technique aimed at bypassing the conscious to reach the subconscious. There are many programs available using this method.

Don’t Try To Fix Everything At Once

Vision Board ExampleRemember what I said here. You will have more success if you focus on one area of your life at a time. Daily affirmations change your life because they change your thoughts. The more often you state them, the more quickly they will begin to work. We really are what we think about.

Also, it is important to note that what you state will have more power if you say it with confidence and enthusiasm, and always remember to have faith that what you are saying is happening even as you speak.

Surround Yourself With Affirmations For Success!

Make copies of your affirmations and post them everywhere. Each time you see one, repeat it 10 times with conviction.

Examples Of Daily Affirmations

For Your Health:

  • I am healthy and energized right now
  • I am well and my body functions flawlessly
  • I am grateful for my wondrous and healthy body

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