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If you’ve found yourself struggling to get positive in the midst of a world that continuously bombards you with negative news, fears and doubts, take courage that there still is a powerful way in which you can free yourself from this common trap.

Perhaps you’re also burdened with a personal problem or maybe even an addiction that you wish to free yourself from.

Today can be the day in which you begin a brand new journey, a journey that will see you personality start to make powerful and positive energy shifts- if you will let it…

A change that can be the new, revamped and in full control you- the new you that people will want to surround themselves around as often as possible- to feed off you’re new energy levels and confidence.

To set the records straight, there is so super simple ‘one size fits all’ strategy that can be implemented overnight for instantaneous results (wouldn’t that be so cool!), but start to follow these simple 7 life changing habits to transform your life for the better, for good…

Question Negative Thoughts As They Appear

You may notice throughout the day, that perhaps something you watch, read or even recall yourself doing, could start to trigger a range of negative thoughts that create a storyline for your brain.

The first step that you want to apply starting today, is to pay attention to what’s going through your mind as you go about your day.

When you find yourself thinking about something negative, pull that thought up immediately and ask yourself whether that thought can be fully proven, whether there is evidence that could prove the opposite or whether you’ve already experienced something in the past yourself which has been different to this negative thought.

Focus on the alternative positive thought. Find new evidence that supports this new thought and you will find the negative thought start to dissipate.

Simplifying Tasks To Ensure You Can Focus Completely

Have you stopped to notice that as the world gets so much more busier and your life demands way more of your time, the only way you can start to get through the items you want to finish, is generally through multi-tasking?

Multi-tasking has it’s benefits off course- but applying it too frequently can often leave you feeling burnt out and overworked.

This off course can lead to increased focus on negativity and feeling less good about yourself and your abilities.

We are human beings, not human machines!

Try wherever possible, to start to focus on one particular task that is important and then follow that through to completion.

For example, let’s say you are working on repainting the inside of your house. Rather than focus on that fact that there are so many walls to get through, plus you need to take the kids to soccer, make dinner, clean the house and mow the lawns soon too, try to reorganize your mind to focus on breaking these tasks into small ones.

So, maybe on Monday, you aim to finish the bigger room. Make this your focus. Then perhaps on Tuesday, you get a smaller room done and you have the time to take the kids to soccer practice.

The goal here is that as you complete each smaller individual task, you start to feel a sense of accomplishment, rather than overwhelm that is quite common these days, to multi task heaps of things at once.

Set Major Goals, Focus On One Of Them

Without doubt you would have already heard the importance of goal setting and there’s no point in repeating it’s importance here.

However, if you create a list of say 5 dreams or visions that you wish to go after, can you usually go after 5 at once?

Not usually! In fact, this is a quick recipe to abandon all your goal setting visions as it simply becomes overly complex and perhaps you start to form beliefs that it’s unachievable.

Besides, you’re already busy and flat out now. How on earth can you add more tasks to your hectic schedule now?

The trick is to focus on your most important goal right now. If that goal is to find yourself with an extra $20k a year somehow, focus on that first and leave the ‘becoming the best Golf pro the world has ever seen’ to a little later on.

Once you have identified on the specific goal you are out to achieve, get excited as with this next secret, it’s virtually guaranteed that if you apply it, that goal is ‘in the bag’!

Obtaining Goals With Less Effort

When you look at certain goals, initially you will be super excited about what life could be like if that came into fruition.

But after maybe a week, perhaps a month or two, that excitement can start to slowly fade, as your believe system starts creating ‘doubt’.

To remain positive and excited about that dream, you need to apply one simple secret.

Start to actually see yourself obtain that goal. Sounds simple right?

Well it is. If that goal was to see an extra $20k a year, see your bank statement in your mind with a specific date and a deposit amount of $20k being applied.

As well as seeing that amount on your bank statement, you must feel it too. That’s the secret right there.

Allow yourself to really feel as though that $20k is on your bank statement. The more you are able to do this, the more your goal is virtually guaranteed to come into your hands.

For those that find visualization a little more challenging, there are tools out there that can help with this.

If you’re not sure of spending money on a tool for this, you can download a set of mind movies for free at the mind movies review (have a look on the right hand side of the front page for the place to download them), which use the power of repetition and subliminal messaging to help you develop your mind’s visualization strength.

There’s also specifically developed music that also feature subliminal messaging  to assist with reconnecting your belief system to your goal.

One of the more popular musicians that provides such music mantras is Dr Steve Jones. He a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and currently has a vast library of music that can help at

From ‘giving up smoking’ to ‘finding your perfect job’, to ‘relieving shame’ for positive growth; there’s loads of different items to choose from there.

Act Of Kindness

When you were young, your mother probably taught you the importance of being polite, being respectful to others and even saying “I’m sorry”.

Helping People with crossing the RoadAs adults, with the busyness of life occupying our minds, sometimes it is easy to forget some of the simple things in life which radiate positive energy.

There are many opportunities, almost daily where someone could do with perhaps a little of your time, your patience or your empathy.

Perhaps it’s when you’re driving home and someone cuts into your lane. Perhaps it’s when some stranger on the street is obviously homeless. Maybe it’s an old lady whose dropping something on the floor and finding it hard to pick it up.

A small act of random kindness can turn a strangers life around for the better and whilst doing so, induces you to feel great about yourself and your day. You cannot help but boast about feeling good!

Finding Laughter

When we were children, sometimes the smallest things that weren’t particularly funny could make us life.

What happened to that?

Sometimes in the quest of growing up and being reminded to become ‘mature’, we lost the freedom to take more opportunities to have a giggle.

Laughter induces positive energy and feel good chemicals in your body. You simply cannot help it. For example, can you have a laugh at something and remain completely angry at the same time? Not likely..

So, how can you utilize this tool more effectively?

It’s simple. Take five minutes after reading this, to think about what sorts of things makes you laugh and then- write it down!

For example, is it a certain TV show that you find hilarious? Perhaps an old favorite movie? What about a friend you know that’s always mucking around and says the craziest things?

Reconnect with those laughter sources as often as you can and start to change yourself into positive energy. You wouldn’t be able to help it!

Invest In Yourself

Finally, because you are about to become a source to others and yourself for positive energy, you may need some further training to help develop you further.

Always remember to invest time in yourself to continue to develop via reading, watching self development videos or perhaps even taking or attending seminars.

Self improvement is imperative to ensure that the positive change that you desire in yourself, grows and develops you into a series of blossoming flowers, rather than a plant that will start to slowly die for lack of new water.

Even the most positive in the world cannot remain positive completely by themselves. They always find teachers that can progress them further, and so should you.

If you’re not sure where to start, you may wish to try a course from Robert Kirby. He has helped millions of people around the world to date and has enjoyed success with helping others for over 20 years now.